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Welcome! This community is dedicated to fanfiction and fanart for Watase Yuu's Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden. Please be warned that there may be spoilers for later parts of the series present in some posts.

  • Be nice. Commenting on other peoples work is loved and encouraged. Constructive criticism? Even better! Don't flame other people because you don't like a pairing or situation. No one likes being yelled at. If you are having issues, please email the moderator instead of making a fuss in the comments.

  • Contribute! Please! This is more me begging than an actual rule, but seriously. Show us what you've got! It keeps the community active and the posts diverse. Even if you're just posting challenges, requests or recommendations, it's great to see. However no community advertising, please and thank you.

  • When posting fics/art, please include the following information: title, rating, a summary, and a spoiler warning. Please use an lj-cut to hide all fanart and fanfiction, especially if the material is NSFW. Please also tag your posts with things like topic (fanfiction, fanart, challenge, request, etc), rating, the names of characters or pairings and any other relevant information to keep things organised and easy to find. :)

  • For the sake of quality, please spell check all of your writing, and especially your fic. English is not everyones first language, but please do your best. And avoid netspeak, unless it's for humour or something.

Got all that? You can always contact the mod with questions or problems.

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